Adopt a park

The CBRC is asking your support in helping us maintain our parks. We would like to offer you the opportunity to give back to your community. There are several ways you can be involved. We are currently accepting volunteers, local businesses, social clubs, or any other community interest group who are just looking to make a difference in their community. All interested parties will be given the opportunity to adopt-a-park or just become an advocate for support of all our parks here in Blair County. The following is a list of parks that are available for adoption. If you are interested, please contact the Recreation Office at 949-2231 for more information. See our map for additional park information.

  • Fairview Park – 25th Avenue and 3rd Street
  • Focus Park – 23rd Avenue and 9th Street
  • Garden Heights – Tennyson Avenue & Lowell Avenue
  • Garfield Park – 25th Street and 11th Avenue
  • Geesey Park – Grant Avenue and 3rd Street
  • Greenwood Park – Chief Logan Way
  • Hamilton Park – East Walnut Avenue and 3rd Street
  • Highland Park – 3rd Avenue and 44th Street
  • Iuzzolino Park – Maple Avenue and 26th Street
  • Jefferson Park – 4th Avenue and 2nd Street
  • Juniata Memorial Park – 12th Avenue and Park Blvd
  • Leopold Park – Veterans Memorial Highway
  • Locust Hills Park – West Chestnut Avenue and Greenway Drive
  • Newburg Park – Washington Avenue and 28th Street
  • Orchard Park – Beech Avenue and 2nd Street
  • Prospect Park – 14th & 15th Street and 1st Avenue
  • Second Ward Park – 10th Street and 3rd Avenue
  • Veteran’s Field – Maple Avenue and 24th Street
  • Booker T. Washington Outdoor Facility – 19th Street and 13th Avenue
  • Westfall Park – 23rd Street and 17th Avenue

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